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Susan L. Addington Curriculum Vitae



Ph.D. in Mathematics

S. U. N. Y. at Stony Brook


M. A. in Mathematics

S. U. N. Y. at Stony Brook


B. S. in Mathematics

Marlboro College

Professional Employment


Professor, Math Dept.

California State University, San Bernardino


Visiting Professor

Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, University of Texas, El Paso



Education Development Center, Newton, MA


Visiting Professor, Geometry Center

University of Minnesota


Science Scholar and Visitor to Math Department

Mary Ingraham Bunting Institute, Radcliffe College, Harvard University


Visiting Assistant Professor, Math Dept.

University of California, Santa Cruz


Lecturer, Math Dept.

University of California, Berkeley

Mathematics Education Expertise

Teacher education  (elementary and secondary, preservice and inservice), curriculum writing, ethnomathematics, developing and using technology for math education

Writing Projects

In progress: Measuring the World, co-author David Dennis. A textbook for a year-long course in mathematics for elementary teachers. This book is undergoing pilot testing at CSUSB through 2012.

Technology in Math Education. This is a “textbook” (exposition and problems) for a 1-quarter or 1-semester course for future secondary math teachers. Covers dynamic geometry software, spreadsheets, and computer algebra systems.

Mathematical Intentions. (This website) The history of our secondary math curriculum. Lecture series (podcasts) by David Dennis; lecture notes/problem sets by Dennis and Addington; applets by Addington.

Selected Recent Projects

(2010-2013) Developing Educators Learning to Teach Algebraically, Principal Investigators Vicky Kukuruda (Riverside County Office of Education) and Madeleine Jetter (CSUSB). Professional development project in Riverside County for teachers of grades 3-10. Co-leader of summer workshops, facilitator for lesson study groups, mathematics curriculum advisor.

(1998-2009 off and on) Mathematics in a Cultural Context and its predecessor projects, including “Adapting Yup’ik Elders’ Knowledge”. Ethnomathematics research; curriculum writing; advisor on math education theory and applications; co-leader of summer institute.

(2006-7) Mobile Computing for Future Mathematics Teachers. Funded for $25,000 by the AT&T Foundation. Mobile laptop lab on a rolling cart and curriculum development for elementary and secondary teachers.

(1998-2001) IAS/Park City Math Institute. 1998-2000, Director of the High School Teachers’ Program ; 1998-2001, Steering Committee.


Selected Recent Presentations

“Thinking in Tables.” Invited presentation, Riverside-San Bernardino County Math Council meeting. May 2011

“Number Sense with (and without) a 4-function Calculator.” Greater San Diego Math Council meeting,


 “Algebra Word Problems without algebra (but with technology).” Invited lecture, Workshop on Reasoning and Sense-Making in the Mathematics Curriculum, MSRI, June, 2010

(with Madeleine Jetter) “Nonstandard Units Are Custom Units: Linking Measurement to Proportional Reasoning.” National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, San Diego, April 2010.

(with David Dennis) “Measuring the World: Preparing Elementary Teachers to Prepare Students for Algebra.” Joint Math Meetings, Jan. 2010, San Francisco.

(with David Dennis) “Retrieving old mathematics with new technology.” Joint Math Meetings, Jan. 2010, San Francisco.

(with Madeleine Jetter) “When is an ‘impoverished’ model best? The case of prime factorization”, Research in Undergraduate Math Education conference, San Diego, March 2008.

(with David Dennis and Madeleine Jetter)  “Measurement and Multiplicative Thinking in Prospective Elementary Teachers,” International Congress of Math Education, July 2008, Monterrey, Mexico

(with Madeleine Jetter) “The Primes Game,”presentation at California Math Council South annual meeting, Nov. 2008.

Selected Publications

Etty Wanda and the ‘Have a Heart’ Problem”, in Teaching Children Mathematics, Vol. 13, No. 3, Oct. 2006, pp. 148-153.

Ways to Think about Mathematics: Activities and Investigations for Grade 6-12 Teachers. Co-author with Steve Benson, Nina Arshavsky, Al Cuoco, E. Paul Goldenberg, Erick Karnowski.; Corwin Press, Thousand Oaks, CA, 2005. I was the principal writer for two modules, "Area and Dissections" and "Linearity"

 “Lost in the Funhouse: An Application of Dynamic Projective Geometry” (co-author: Stuart Levy), in Geometry Turned On: Dynamic Software in Learning, Teaching, and Research; Math. Assoc. of Am., 1997, pp. 157-160.

Galois' Dream, by Michio Kuga (co-translator, with M. Mulase), Birkhauser, 1993.

Equivariant  holomorphic maps of symmetric domains”, Duke Math. J. 55 (1987), 65-88.


College Teaching

Math content and math technology courses for prospective elementary, middle school, and high school teachers. Lower division math courses from college algebra through calculus and linear algebra; upper division and graduate courses in algebra, number theory, real and complex analysis, geometry, topology. Designed a new course in technology for future secondary teachers.


Mathematical Intentions
Measuring the World


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