Formatting and Printing in GeoGebra

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How to fit your objects in the GeoGebra window

In general, don't move the objects; move the background instead:

  1. Click the Move Graphics View tool in the top bar. MoveGraphicsView button in GeoGebra
  2. Click on the background in the Graphics window and drag.

Objects too small or too big?

  1. Hold down the tiny triangle on the Move Graphics View button, then release on Zoom In or Zoom out.
  2. Click in the graphics window and the view will zoom in or out on the point you clicked.

To change the scaling only vertically or only horizontally:

  1. Use Move Graphics View tool.
  2. Hold down Shift, then drag on y axis to change scaling vertically, on x axis to change scaling horizontally.

If you still can't get things to fit:

  1. Hold down Control and click in the background of the Graphics window.
  2. Try choosing Show All Objects.

If that doesn't work:

  1. Choose Graphics…, then the Basic tab.
  2. Fill in the smallest and largest x and y values you want to see in the Graphics window.
  3. You can also change the ratio of the units on the x and y axes by entering numbers.

How to print from GeoGebra

  1. Make sure there is no extra space in the upper left of the graphics window. Change with the Move Graphics View tool.
  2. Choose the File menu, then Print Preview.
  3. To change the scale, type numbers in the Scale in cm fields until it looks right.
  4. Then click the Print button and send it to your printer.

No printer? Save as a graphics file

  1. Choose File, then Export, then Graphics view as picture.
  2. Choose a file format, then a name and place to save the file.
  3. Open the graphics file in a graphics program, or paste it into a word processing program, or attach it to an e-mail or upload it.


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