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The Quadrivium is a project dedicated to the reform of mathematics education and curriculum. We believe that the mathematics curriculum must reconnect to its origins in science and the arts.

The Quadrivium is a modern reinvention of the medieval quadrivium: the upper four liberal arts of geometry, astronomy, arithmetic, and music.

Secondary Mathematics

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Mathematical Intentions: A Complete Ethnomathematical History of Our Current Secondary Mathematics Curriculum.

This website contains fifty half-hour lectures in mp3 form, many supporting documents in PDF form, and interactive applets in dynamic geometry and spreadsheets.

Published papers

David Dennis's published papers on the history and pedagogy of mathematics

Elementary Mathematics

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Measuring the World is a textbook for a mathematics course for future elementary and middle school teachers, written by Susan Addington and David Dennis. The book is a unified course of study based on a foundation of measurement concepts and practices. . . .

Interactive Math

Applets for Math Education

Interactive small applications for learning about mathematical topics. Elementary, sccondary, and some college topics. By Susan Addington



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